Phenom “Red Giant Strikes” EP out now on Impossible Records






Impossible Records welcomes ‘Phenom’ to the family with his debut EP, ‘Red Giant Strikes’. ’Red Giant Strikes’ is heavy, melodic and sometimes a bit humorous setting the tone for the rest of the album. ‘Phenomenon’ and ’Lethal Dose’ are the perfect example as what classifies him as strong sound designer who has a great sense of melody. ‘Biking is my Drug’ is a track inspired by an ironic representation surrounding racism that features chart topping MC, ‘Lloyd Lawrence’. ‘Recoil’, a track about strained and difficult relationships, is a collaboration with the Ukrainian alt-rock band ‘Karl of Most’. The future is definitely bright for this talented producer as he gently pulls you into his world, luring you in like a Siren in the night with his dubstep serenade.

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